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A non-post


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2021 was supposed to be the year that I wrote articles. I had a backlog of topics that I couldn't wait to write about.

I love writing. There's something about spilling your guts and letting folks process that in their own time, with their own inner voice, and that's magical.

But every time I sat down to write, nothing would happen. I'd write a few paragraphs, but nothing that was worthy of being published. Nothing cohesive enough to tell an actual story.

So a few weeks would pass. Then a couple of months. Then several months. The guilt of not having written anything just kept compounding.

The more I pushed it off, the more I felt the next post just had to be amazing. And then it hit me.

This wasn't the reason I wanted to blog.

I wanted a blog... just to be able to write the occasional thought here and there and see my growth. It didn't need to be perfect. It just needed to be.

So here it is. A non-post for a post.