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Hello! šŸ‘‹ Iā€™m a UX Engineer specialized in crafting large-scale design system solutions so teams can easily get what they need to deliver personalized experiences.

I love helping engineers and designers speak the same language, while coaching teams to consider design-thinking principles and platform limitations.

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Frequently asked questions

What is this site?

I've always wanted a space where I could implement a few experiments and learn from them. You can consider this site a constant work in progress.

What's a UX Engineer?

I'll probably make a blog post about this one day... In the meantime, Emma Bostian wrote a really great article that I highly recommend checking out.

Did you know about [typo, bug, etc]?

Whoops, thanks for catching that. Feel free to create an issue.

Coming soon ā„¢ļø...

Since this site was thrown together at the last minute, here are some things to look forward to:

  • Improved responsive styles
  • Cleaned up CSS (it's a mess!)
  • Converting more components to TypeScript
  • Filled out side bar
  • More content
  • More automation
  • More everything šŸ˜…