Kelly Harrop
I'm a multidisciplinary designer & developer specialized in large-scale design systems.

A Wearer of Hats

I've dabbled in several different industries and roles, all focusing on creating intuitive, engaging experiences.

  • Content Creator

    I integrate practical content within my designs so that they simulate real-world scenarios.
  • Design System Librarian

    I create and maintain modular, global components that minimize overrides and reduce tech debt.
  • UI Developer

    My passion is crafting scalable HTML & CSS, using class names that follow BEM methodology.
  • Presentation Specialist

    I enjoy synthesizing and converting data into visual reports for team members and stakeholders.

Awesome Books

Here are a few books that have not only inspired to be a better designer, but to be a better human being in general.

  • Book: Radical Candor
  • Book: Creativitiy, Inc
  • The Sprint Book
"When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favor."
- Elon Musk

Fun Facts

When I’m not designing or writing code, you’ll usually find me playing video games or watching other people play video games.

I like pineapple on pizza.