Kelly Harrop
Designer & Developer

I specialize in visual design to craft intuitive experiences. My passion is breathing life into designs and seeing them become a reality.

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Dallas, TX

Working @



5+ years


Mobile design

Recent shots

I use dribbble to keep my skills sharp, stay updated on the latest design trends, and interact with the community.

I also have some side projects on Behance and Invision.

recent pens

I incorporate animations to create smooth interactions, resulting in a refined user experience. My latest experiments include tinkering with ReactJS.

Really, I just enjoy making things work. Check out my Codepen!

See the Pen Card Flip Form by Kelly Harrop (@kharrop) on CodePen.

Fun Facts

When I’m not designing or writing code, you’ll usually find me playing video games. Sometimes I cook Blue Apron deliciousness.

minimalism, natural light, digital painting